British Woman Attacked by Palestinian Terrorists Demands Probe of UK Aid Used for Terrorists

(Daily Express-UK) David Maddox - Kay Wilson, a British woman who was butchered and left for dead by Palestinian terrorists, discovered that the Palestinian Authority is using British taxpayers' money to pay her imprisoned attackers, who also killed her American friend Kristine Luken. "I watched my friend being killed before my eyes. I only survived because I played dead," she said. She was stabbed 13 times and had over 30 bones broken. After leaving her for dead they returned for one final assault. "I watched my attacker plunge the knife into my chest, just missing my heart." The two attackers were jailed but belonged to a group allied to Fatah which runs the Palestinian Authority, which has since used aid money to pay them while they sit in jail. Wilson has written to House of Commons International Development Committee Chairman Stephen Twigg asking for an investigation of the Palestinian Authority's funding and incitement of terrorism. She also asked for a British version of the U.S.' proposed Taylor Force Act which would block payments to the Palestinian Authority until it terminates its payments to terrorists.

2018-01-12 00:00:00

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