Where to Start Cutting UNRWA Funding

(Washington Free Beacon) Noah Pollak - The U.S. has donated close to $6 billion to UNRWA and is its single biggest donor at $400 million a year. UNRWA schools and community centers teach Palestinians to believe in the fantasy of Israel's destruction and their "return" to homes they never had. UNRWA has a "cash assistance" program that involves literally handing out cash to people in Gaza and Syria. There is no accountability or oversight for these disbursements, which in 2016 amounted to $192.3 million. These cash handouts undoubtedly involve an enormous amount of waste, fraud, and diversion of funds to terrorists and other bad actors. Future U.S. donations to UNRWA should be conditioned on either the termination, or the strict reduction and dramatic reform, of this program. In the long term, the U.S. should condition assistance on a change in UNRWA's definition of a refugee. UNRWA should adopt the refugee definition that is observed everywhere else in the world. This policy change will allow the descendants of refugees from 1948 to finally have a chance at normal lives.

2018-01-10 00:00:00

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