Why a Palestinian Aid Cut Threat Makes Sense

(JNS.org) Jonathan S. Tobin - Aid to the PA is seen as necessary to prop up the only available interlocutor for peace with Israel. But the U.S. should be using its financial leverage to make it clear to Abbas that a quarter century of his organization holding the U.S. hostage can't continue. While UNRWA is credited with feeding and educating Palestinians, its main role is in maintaining the Arab refugees as a stateless people to perpetuate an ongoing threat to Israel's existence. UNRWA has been part of the effort to prevent Palestinian Arabs from being absorbed elsewhere, thereby allowing them to cling to their dream of destroying the Jewish state. UNRWA employees are often involved with Palestinian terror organizations, and its schools have been used to store Hamas weapons. American governments have tolerated this situation because they felt there was no alternative. But Trump appears to be unwilling to keep throwing good money after bad. He is right to demand that if the Palestinians want U.S. money, they must, at the very least, come back to the negotiating table and cease funding and fomenting terror.

2018-01-09 00:00:00

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