Why This Muslim Writes in a Jewish Newspaper

(Jerusalem Post) Naseem Khan - As a U.S. citizen and as a Muslim who had lived and worked in Saudi Arabia for 13 years, I wanted to reach the "people of the book" and found the Jerusalem Post a perfect platform. While no Muslim country's newspaper would give me the opportunity to speak my mind openly, especially when I would expose the flaws of Muslims, the Jerusalem Post has so far published all my blogs without any alteration. The fundamental problem with the Muslims is that they think that either God or America would solve all of their problems. The Muslims have been praying for the destruction of Israel since its existence, but their prayers still remain unanswered. There is a mafia of religious thugs who, in the name of Islam, inflame the sentiments of the masses for stupid trivial issues. They challenge the rule of law at their will and no one has the courage to stand against this religious anarchy. We should learn from the Jewish people and see what they did to overcome their adversaries. They emphasized education. They never let their religion become a hindrance in their progress. They let their women have equal rights and become progressive. Their contribution to science and knowledge speaks volumes. They focused on their survival and at the same time contributed a lot towards the good of mankind. My dear fellow Muslims, please tell me if any Muslim country's newspaper will publish this article. That the Jerusalem Post published it is one of the reasons that I write in this newspaper.

2017-12-29 00:00:00

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