Netanyahu Hails Arab World's Changing Opinion on Israel

(Ynet News) Hassan Shaalan - Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu noted Thursday during a visit to the Arab town of Ein Mahil in northern Israel that the general outlook on Israel was undergoing positive changes in the Arab world. "We conduct polls and suddenly you ask the question: 'How many of you think that it is worthwhile to have contacts with the State of Israel?' Once the number was zero. Today it starts with 20% and goes as high as 50%." "The public in the Arab world is starting to understand this. Israel has a foothold in the future and it is becoming one of the most developed countries on earth and we want you all to be part of this success story. When the public in Arab countries begins to understand that the State of Israel is an asset for the future, an asset to them, this is where the change begins." Netanyahu was in Ein Mahil for a signing ceremony marking an agreement to construct 600 housing units in the town, while some residents demonstrated against his visit. Netanyahu, addressing the demonstrators, said: "(Getting here,) I saw a demonstration. Against what were they demonstrating? Against the millions who were slaughtered and displaced from their homes in Iraq and Libya? No. They held signs against my visit. Against the only state that maintains their human rights," noting that the government is investing NIS 15 billion in the Arab sector.

2017-12-29 00:00:00

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