The Caliphate Is Destroyed, But the Islamic State Lives On

(Foreign Policy) Michael P. Dempsey - Islamic State no longer controls any major population center in Iraq or Syria. But it is a resilient and adaptive enemy that will work doggedly in the coming months to keep its brand alive. Many battle-hardened veterans will try to retreat into remote regions of western Iraq and eastern Syria and then periodically attack government forces and urban centers, sending a reminder to local populations that Islamic State is still operationally viable. At the same time, Islamic State still retains some control over eight global branches and networks, especially in central and southern Libya, and in Southeast Asia. Many Islamic State fighters are also likely to return to their countries of origin, with at least some determined to carry on the fight from there. The writer is a former acting director of U.S. national intelligence who served as deputy director of national intelligence in 2014-2017.

2017-11-28 00:00:00

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