It's Not Britain's Fault that There's No Palestinian State

(i24news) Interview with Tom Gross - Q: What were the British reasons for supporting the Balfour Declaration? Gross: A lot of people point to geo-strategic reasons. Some people point to more sinister motives, i.e., that certain Europeans including certain British people would like Jews to leave Europe - basically, anti-Semitism. But I'd say there was a more admirable motive which was the main motive. By November 1917 the British, like the Americans, supported the principle of self-determination in the crumbling Ottoman and Hapsburg empires. So there were many states that came into fruition after the First World War, for example, Czechoslovakia. Like other people, many British people thought the Jews deserved a homeland just like there were many other states born around that period. Q: Should the UK apologize for the Balfour Declaration? Gross: The British did try to create a Palestinian Arab state and it was rejected by various Arab countries and by the Palestinian leadership. So I don't think it's the British fault that there's no Palestinian state. Tom Gross is a veteran British journalist.

2017-11-03 00:00:00

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