U.S. Must Curtail Iran, Sanction Hizbullah

(The Hill) Gens. Klaus Dieter Naumann and Lord Richard Dannatt - Neither Iran nor Hizbullah have any remotely credible reason for their enmity of Israel today - yet they are engaged in an implacable campaign of deadly hatred animated by their version of radical Islam. Our new report for the High Level Military Group makes clear that Israel is prepared for a renewed assault from Lebanon and will be forced to take drastic action to protect its civilian population. We are satisfied that Israel would act in accordance with the legal and moral standards our own militaries adhere to. But as a matter of deliberate strategy, Hizbullah hides its operatives, weapons and other military assets among the civilians of Lebanon, a war crime that exposes the population to extreme danger in case of conflict. It is imperative the U.S. and its allies take clear and immediate action to avert a new war. Sharp diplomatic pressure must be brought on the authorities in Lebanon, whose president recently described Hizbullah as "an essential part of Lebanon's defense." Severing the Lebanese state's connections with Hizbullah, especially those maintained by the Lebanese Armed Forces, should be a priority. Finally, America and its allies must stand with Israel, clearly and vocally, making clear that Iran and Hizbullah's campaign of terror against Israel will be met by an insurmountable response, politically, and if unavoidable, by Israel's fully legitimate military reaction. Such a deterring message will contribute more to peace now than lamentations once hostilities have been instigated by Hizbullah. Gen. Klaus Dieter Naumann is the former Chief of Staff of the Bundeswehr and Chairman of the NATO Military Committee. Gen. Lord Richard Dannatt is the former Chief of the General Staff of the British Army. They are both members of the High Level Military Group.

2017-10-25 00:00:00

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