ISIS Calls on Women to Launch Terror Attacks

(Independent-UK) Lizzie Dearden - ISIS, in a new edition of its Arabic newspaper, told female supporters it was an "obligation" for them to take up arms to wage jihad. "Today, in the context of the war against the Islamic State, it has become necessary for female Muslims to fulfil their duties on all this battle" and should "prepare themselves to defend their religion by sacrificing themselves for Allah," citing female companions of the Prophet Muhammed as examples. ISIS has previously prohibited women from fighting on the battlefield, but increasing reports started to emerge of female suicide bombers and snipers in Mosul. In July, an article from a female ISIS member in its Rumiyah magazine said the time had come for women to "rise with courage and sacrifice in this war...not because of the small number of men, but, rather, due to their love for jihad."

2017-10-09 00:00:00

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