European Universities and the New Anti-Semitism: Issues, Examples, Prescriptions

[Institute for Global Jewish Affairs] Aryeh Green - Anti-Semitism and anti-Semitic acts are proliferating at many universities in Europe - and not only among the Muslim minority population. Virtually throughout Europe, including Russia and the rest of the FSU, anti-Israel attitudes are accepted as unassailable among a large number of academics and political pundits alike. These attitudes are both supported by, and contribute to perpetuating, a general environment that is hostile to Israel and not friendly to Jews. This often makes it difficult - or extremely costly in terms of relationships, prestige, or advancement - for students and faculty to identify with Israel or Judaism. This "new anti-Semitism" - applying traditional anti-Semitic themes that delegitimize and demonize Jews and Judaism to the Jewish state and its leaders - threatens not only the support Israel receives from European elites and governments, but also the strength of Jewish identity among students and faculty, as well as European values of tolerance and liberty. The writer served as a senior adviser to former minister Natan Sharansky in the Israeli Prime Minister's Office.

2008-10-10 01:00:00

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