Hizbullah Will Keep Building Its Arsenal

(Ynet News) Maj.-Gen. (res.) Giora Eiland - Last Friday, according to foreign sources, Israel attacked a military target at the Damascus airport once again. Our enemies are willing to occasionally sacrifice targets, but at the same time, they have found other ways to transfer advanced weapons from Iran through Syria to Lebanon. The Syria-Lebanon border is 300-km. long, and most of the area is tree-covered and mountainous; hundreds of trucks travel from Syria to Lebanon every day. There's no escape from concluding that Hizbullah will continue building its power almost undisturbed. If someone opens fire at Israel from Lebanon, dragging us into the "third Lebanon war," we must not let the war last 33 days like in 2006. A long war will cause intolerable damage to Israel's infrastructures. The only way to ensure that the next war is short requires us to fight the state of Lebanon, not just Hizbullah. If war does break out, it's important that the Western states and the U.S. understand in advance that Israel chose this strategy having no other choice. The writer is a former head of Israel's National Security Council.

2017-09-29 00:00:00

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