Anti-Terrorism Options for European Intelligence Agencies

(Jerusalem Post) Lior Akerman - Modern day terrorism involves a murderous struggle carried out by religious fanatics who are fighting and willing to die for their principles. The European security establishment does not have a strong system in place to counter these security threats in population centers that are becoming more and more densely populated with Muslims. In the absence of appropriate legislation and supportive information systems, it's almost impossible to manage this type of struggle. Most of the Muslims living in Europe are completely focused on going to work to provide for their families. The few extremist terrorist cells that do exist are scattered around the continent. If EU intelligence agencies are interested in preventing the acceleration of organized terrorist cells and thwarting attacks, they must carry out a number of actions. Understand that the enemy lives and operates from within the Muslim population centers of Europe. Anti-terrorist intelligence organizations must identify and map out these population centers. Enact legislative changes to allow law enforcement to carry out acts of counterterrorism that would enable them to successfully thwart attacks and prevent terrorist cells from forming. Construct a security plan that combines intelligence-gathering among at-risk groups in problematic areas with sending security agents out into the field with the appropriate technological tools necessary to acquire an accurate picture of subversive activity and receive real-time alerts. Increase cooperation and coordination regarding intelligence issues and transparency among the security agencies of the EU. The writer served as a division head in the Israel Security Agency.

2017-09-08 00:00:00

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