The Next Middle East War: Israel and Iran Heading for Conflict over Southern Syria

(Wall Street Journal) Editorial - Israeli airstrikes on a military compound in Syria on Thursday are part of the confrontation that is building between Israel and Iran as the war against Islamic State moves to a conclusion in Syria and Iraq. Iran is using Syria's civil war, and the battle against ISIS, as cause to gain a permanent military foothold in Syria that can threaten Israel either directly or via its proxies in Syria and Lebanon. Tehran has helped Hizbullah stockpile tens of thousands of missiles that will be launched against Israel in the next inevitable conflict. If it can also dominate southern Syria, Iran can establish a second front on the border near the Golan Heights. The danger of a proxy war or even a direct war between Iran and Israel is growing, and it will increase as Iran's presence builds in Syria.

2017-09-08 00:00:00

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