The Wrong Address to Apply Pressure

(Ha'aretz-Hebrew) Gal Levertov - Two states for two peoples is an Israeli interest and should be a Palestinian interest as well. Yitzhak Rabin did his best to reach a peace agreement with the Palestinians and brought the Oslo Agreement. Shimon Peres worked to create a "new Middle East." Ariel Sharon uprooted settlements in Gaza and the West Bank. And Ehud Barak offered Arafat everything he could at Camp David in 2000. The reality is that the Palestinian leadership today is not willing to compromise and divide the land, and continues to seek to establish its state not alongside Israel but in place of it. While many states continue to insist on pressuring Israel, the reality is that there will never be a peace agreement as long as they continue to pressure the side that wants an agreement, instead of the side that opposes it. The writer heads the international affairs department of the Israel State Attorney's Office.

2017-08-21 00:00:00

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