Israel Foils Terror Attack Linked to Outlawed Northern Branch of Islamic Movement

(Jerusalem Post) Anna Ahronheim - The Israel Security Agency announced Tuesday the arrest of a terror cell associated with the banned northern branch of the Islamic Movement in Israel that was planning a shooting attack against IDF soldiers in southern Israel. The cell members were identified as Israeli citizens Muhammad Masri of Rahat, Abdullah Abu Ayyash of Kuseife and Mahmoud Luisi of Qalansawe. In 2016, they purchased a Carlo Gustav submachine gun and electronic transmitters to set off improvised explosive devices from a safe distance. Luisi was arrested in March 2017 after he returned from visiting Turkey where he met with senior Hamas member Majid Abu Qatish in order to secure funds as well as training for the attack. A senior member of the Islamic Movement, Faras al-Omari from Qandala, who was also arrested, was said to be the person the cell members turned to in order to receive approval for carrying out the attack. The ISA said the northern branch of the Islamic Movement continues to maintain close ties with Hamas, which poses a "grave security risk."

2017-05-17 00:00:00

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