Lapid: Israel Not the Problem in Negotiations

(Fox News) Yair Lapid, chairman of the Israeli opposition Yesh Atid Party, said Sunday, "Israel has been looking for an opportunity to separate from the Palestinians for years and years now. We have offered three times to the Palestinians more than 90% of the territories in order for them to build a country of their own, and three times they refused. So we are not the problem. The Palestinians are the problem. And we are willing to negotiate with no preconditions, and we are willing to talk, and we are willing to push forward for any kind of peace agreement with the Palestinians. We have never been the problem." "I don't think Israel can offer more. Listen. Take, for example, the disengagement [from Gaza] 2005. We left Gaza, we dismantled the settlements, the army left, we even left them with 3,000 greenhouses for them to build an economy for themselves, and instead of doing so, they fired 15,000 missiles on our children and women and elderly." "The question is not how you draw the map. The question is the seriousness of the players involved. We are serious. We've been serious for many, many years now, and the Palestinians were playing games."

2017-05-17 00:00:00

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