Ties with Ancient Greeks Prove Historical Legitimacy of Jewish State

(Gatestone Institute) Maria Polizoidou - UNESCO's latest resolution about Jerusalem, which denies the Jews' and Israel's legacy over its historical capital, Jerusalem, not only offends the historical truth and archeology of the Jewish people. It also offends the Greek people, and all Christians, who for thousands of years have also had ties with the area and the nation of Jews. As it also offends the foundations of Greek Orthodox Christianity, the Greek government - to its honor - voted against this hallucinatory resolution. The King of Sparta, Arius I, who lived in 309-267 BCE, wrote to Onias the First, the High Priest of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem: "It is written about the relations between the Jews and the Spartans that they are brotherly nations and that they originate from Abraham." It shows that for millennia, the cultural and historical depth of the Jewish people is undeniable. During the Hellenic years of Alexander the Great's descendants, many events were documented to prove the Jews' sovereignty in the city of Jerusalem. Judaism was also a living religion for the Greek Queen, Helen of Adiavinis, who embraced it in the middle of the first century. In historical terms, the modern Jewish state has greater historical legitimacy than most modern European states - and far more than the Middle Eastern states artificially created out of the 1916 British-French Sykes-Picot agreement: Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq. In Europe, Germany and France only appeared in the Western world in the 3rd century CE. If the UN honestly wants peace, it must accept that the modern Jewish state is the tugboat that will pull the whole Middle East into the 21st century. Rejecting the historic Jewish legitimacy in Jerusalem is rejecting the essence of peace, which is friendly coexistence and interaction between different people. With insults and fake history, you cannot build peace, only the next conflict. The writer is a journalist based in Greece.

2017-05-11 00:00:00

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