Iran and the U.S. under the Trump Administration

(Institute for National Security Studies) Eldad Shavit, Sima Shine, and Anna Catran - The brief period that the new administration has been in office suggests that U.S. policy on Iran signals a change from recent years. There is an emphasis on adopting a tough and threatening line, probably in an attempt to make the Iranians understand that the Trump administration does not intend to ignore Tehran's provocative measures. At the same time, the administration is acting cautiously toward the nuclear agreement. A White House report about a conversation between President Trump and the King of Saudi Arabia emphasized that "the two leaders agreed about the need to strictly enforce the agreement," i.e., an understanding that the agreement remains in effect. The administration is just beginning to formulate its long-term policy on Iran. The goal it sets will probably focus on minimizing Iran's regional influence, while enhancing deterrence against provocative measures and violations of the nuclear agreement.

2017-03-07 00:00:00

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