We Can't Let Radical Islam Take Over the World

(Jerusalem Post) Lior Akerman - The Koran talks a great deal about the people of Israel and the prophet Moses. The Koran praises the Jews, calling them God's first choice, and the second chapter, verse 21-22, even says the Land of Israel was given to the Jewish people and that the Jews must never leave the land. A maximum of 10% of Muslims support the religious struggle to obliterate all other religions and install an Islamic caliphate throughout the entire planet. It's clear that Islam as a religion is not the problem, but only terrorists and leaders who are acting in the name of Islam. If we add up all the Sunni (Islamic State, al-Qaeda, Hamas, Boko Haram) and Shiite (Hizbullah) groups, there are hundreds of thousands of radical Muslim terrorists who operate throughout the Middle East, plus quite a large number of supporters. When Western leaders display weakness and are fearful of using military might, this only serves to encourage terrorist organizations. This situation is not irreversible, but it does require a change in mindset and an internalization of the reality. There needs to be cooperation by world leaders if we are to take back control from the terrorists who are wreaking havoc on civilians the world over. The writer is a former brigadier-general who served as a division head in the Israel Security Agency.

2017-02-10 00:00:00

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