Netanyahu: When Iran Calls to Wipe Out Every Israeli, the World Is Silent

(Prime Minister's Office) Speaking at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem on International Holocaust Remembrance Day on Thursday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said: "In a few short years, six million of our people were wiped away, literally incinerated....The Holocaust, thank G-d, is behind us, but the hatred and intolerance that drove it is not. Anti-Semitism, which is the world's oldest hatred, is experiencing a revival in the enlightened West." "Yet...the greatest danger that we face, of the hatred for the Jewish people and the Jewish state, comes from the East. It comes from Iran. It comes from the ayatollah regime that is fanning these flames and calling outright for the destruction of the Jewish state." "I want you to think about a regime that openly declared its intention to eliminate every black person, every gay person, every European. I think the entire world would be outraged, and rightly so. But when a regime merely calls to wipe out every Israeli...what do we encounter? A deafening silence." "I spoke a few days ago to President Trump and he spoke about Iranian aggression. He spoke about Iran's commitment to destroy Israel. He spoke about the nature of this nuclear agreement and the danger it poses." "We will take all the measures we need to defend ourselves, and we will take all the measures necessary to prevent Iran from getting the means of mass murder to carry out their horrible plans. We cannot and will not be silent in the face of Iran's stated aim of destroying Israel."

2017-01-27 00:00:00

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