Report: Russia and Hizbullah -Officially- Working Together in Syria

(Times of Israel) Dov Lieber - Russia and Hizbullah have begun "official" military coordination in Syria at the behest of Moscow, according to a report published Thursday on the pro-Hizbullah news site al-Akhbar. It said Hizbullah officials met with "senior" Russian officers in Aleppo last week, and noted that Russian and Hizbullah officials have met before in non-official capacities, such as in battle operations rooms. The meeting, arranged by Russia, was to establish "continual" communication between the two sides. Russia is interested in coordinating with Hizbullah's infantry on the ground in Aleppo. MK Avi Dichter, a former head of the Israel Security Agency, warned on Nov. 16 that Russian interests in the Middle East do not coincide with Israel's and said the Jewish state must be vigilant concerning Russia's growing influence in the region. Dichter told Reuters, "Russia does not view Iran and its proxies according to the level of threat they pose or broadcast toward Israel." He added that Russia "view[s] Hizbullah positively as the errand lackey of Iran in Syria and Lebanon, [and is] backing the Shiite militia activity in Iraq and Syria."

2016-11-25 00:00:00

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