For Europe, the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Has Been Pushed Aside

(Times of Israel) Arthur Koll - The European Union is facing the largest challenge in its history, in the form of mass migration and significantly heightened security threats. European opinion shapers are far less preoccupied these days with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, as they seek to tackle the urgent issues on their own doorstep. ISIS can - and does - plant terrorists within the waves of innocent refugees. France has already sustained mass casualty attacks by ISIS operatives, some of whom reportedly reached Paris via refugee transit routes. Germany experienced its first suicide bomb attack last summer, by a Syrian national. As ISIS loses ground in Iraq and Syria, so grows its motivation to carry out terror attacks in the West - and in Europe in particular. Israel has a minor, yet tangible role, sharing highly-advanced intelligence capabilities that can contribute significantly to European security. Amb. Arthur Koll is a former Deputy Director-General of the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

2016-11-07 00:00:00

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