Since America Won't Stop Christian Genocide, Israel Should

(The Federalist) Luma Simms - I own a cassette tape of five-year-old me reciting an Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party chant I learned at school in Baghdad. The Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party propaganda taught that its ideals were: the oneness of all Arab countries uniting under one national government against imperialism; freedom, which lies in liberating Arabs from oppression by foreign powers; and socialism. This childhood experience of mine came to mind recently when I watched a video of Palestinian children (particularly a little girl at the end) regurgitating vile hatred and violence toward Israelis. The surreal horror of anti-Semitism instilled in Arab children came home to me. All Arab indoctrination instills animus for Jews and the state of Israel. Anyone who claims that the Arab world - Muslim and Christian - is not pathologically anti-Semitic is delusional. It is this unspoken, almost unconscious feeling that prevents Iraqi Christians and other Arab Christians in the Middle East from seeking help from Israel. Israel is the last hope for Arab Christians; it's as simple as that. America is not leading on the refugee issue, especially for Iraqi Christians. As the genocide of Middle Eastern Christians continues, the only hope of an Arab Christian remnant - a remnant that would keep and pass on its beliefs, traditions, and customs - is through help from the state of Israel. It is the humanitarian thing to do. Israel already exemplifies this humane treatment of her enemies. They have hospitals and medical units close to their borders where they discreetly treat the wounded and injured who come to them for medical help. If Christians are ever to have a place again in the Middle East, they must unite with Israel. Israel, seeing the genocide of Arab Christians, especially in Iraq, should offer a saving hand to them. If Israel will not act, what's to be done? It's hard to find exact numbers, but maybe there are between 200,000 and 400,00 Iraqi Christians left. They will be killed in Iraq, or die trying to escape. Israel, rise up and lead that region of the world. You are the hope for Iraqi Christians. Let it always be said: In the dark age of ISIS, when desolation and despair covered the Arab world, Israel was the house of light.

2016-07-22 00:00:00

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