Ross: Syria Should Pay a Price for Rearming Hizbullah

[Ynet News] Jeff Barak - Dennis Ross, the former senior American Middle East peace negotiator, said in an interview that "Syria has rearmed Hizbullah to the teeth - there should be a price to pay for that," pointing out that the Bush administration had failed to implement its own Syria Accountability Act. He said the U.S. and Europe should aim to "squeeze the Syrian economy" and use a policy of "sticks before carrots" in its dealings with Damascus. Ross also said that the West had to ratchet up the sanctions against Iran to stop its nuclear program. "We have slow-motion diplomacy matched against their fast-paced nuclear development," he said, arguing that Europe was not applying enough economic pressure "to get the attention of the Iranian leadership."

2007-07-06 01:00:00

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