Terror Alert for Israelis Traveling Abroad

[Ha'aretz] Barak Ravid - The Prime Minister's Office's anti-terror department warned Israelis on Sunday not to travel to Egypt in general, and Sinai in particular, where the threat is classified as "concrete and particularly severe." Israelis currently visiting Sinai were told to return home immediately. In addition, the PMO warned of a "severe threat" that Hizbullah will try to kidnap Israelis traveling abroad. Israelis were warned to refuse invitations to go to remote or isolated areas, especially at night, and to avoid showing up for unplanned meetings alone. Countries with a "particularly high terror threat" included Arab states, as well as Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Indonesia and Malaysia. Israelis were urged to avoid traveling to Kenya, and to "postpone non-essential visits" to Bangladesh and Nigeria. Additional warnings related to Kashmir and Thailand.

2007-08-06 01:00:00

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