Yemeni Authorities Jail Jewish Man over Airlifted Torah

(Jewish Chronicle-UK) Sandy Rashty - A Jewish man has been jailed in Yemen after being accused of helping smuggle an 800-year-old Torah scroll out of the country into Israel this week. A Muslim airport worker was also arrested. Jewish Agency spokesman Avi Mayer said, "The ancient Torah scroll brought from Yemen to Israel this week is the property of the Raydah Jewish community, of Yemenite Jewry, and of the Jewish people. The rabbi of Raydah, who came to Israel this week along with the last remaining members of his community, brought the Torah with him." "The notion that the Torah should have been left, without protection, in a country torn apart by a violent civil war involving several parties that are viciously hostile to Jews, is preposterous. The Torah is part of the proud heritage of Yemenite Jewry and that heritage will live on in the State of Israel."

2016-03-25 00:00:00

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