The Civil War in Syria: A View from Israel

(Lawfare Institute-Brookings) Asher Susser - The war in Syria is a ruthless representation of regional changes that have taken place in the Middle East in recent years. The fact that Russia and Iran have become key players is indicative of both Arab state weakness and American retreat. Israel's major population centers are a short drive from the conflict. The overthrow of Saddam Hussein in Iraq in 2003 removed the Sunni gatekeeper of the Arab East, empowered the Shi'ite majority in Iraq and transformed the country into a link in Iranian regional hegemonic design. Beyond Iraq, Syria provides the logistical lifeline between Iran and Hizbullah in Lebanon. This has allowed Iran to maintain Hizbullah and its military might, poised on Israel's northern border as an essential component of Iranian deterrence. The writer is Professor Emeritus of Middle Eastern History at Tel Aviv University and the Stein Professor for Modern Israel Studies at the University of Arizona.

2016-03-18 00:00:00

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