Jews Know that a Boycott Is Just the Beginning

(Telegraph-UK) Jonathan Neumann - The British government has decided to ban boycotts of Israel by local councils. The boycotters target the Jewish state alone and do not go after any other liberal democracy or British ally, let alone any dictatorship; only Israel, the Jew among nations. Wherever the BDS movement surfaces, it is accompanied by harassment of Jews. Boycotts have been the instrument of Jewish persecution for a millennium. The last century taught the Jews full well that what begins with a boycott by a few thugs or unknown academics does not end there. BDS cannot be tolerated in a decent and civilized society. BDS and anti-Semitism may come for the Jews first, but the radicalism behind them has us all in its sights. The writer is a director of Jewish Human Rights Watch.

2016-02-18 00:00:00

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