Report: ISIS Relying on Child Soldiers, Drugged Fighters

(Fox News) Hollie McKay - As the battle for its Iraqi stronghold of Mosul looms, ISIS has replaced much of its depleted senior ranks with child soldiers and drugged foreign fighters, according to Kurdish and Iraqi intelligence sources. Kamal Kirkuki, spokesman for the Kurdistan Democratic Party, said that at the beginning, the ISIS leadership "was all former Iraq military and Baath party leaders. They had experience, top bomb tech specialists and most were very skilled," but that many have since died in battle. ISIS in Iraq is now bringing in fighters as young as 13, who have little or no combat experience, according to Kurdish military leaders. A Kurdish official said ISIS fighters are also taking Captagon, a meth-like variant that can last up to 48 hours and causes users to be full of energy and impervious to pain.

2016-02-16 00:00:00

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