Of Thousands of Muslim Deaths, Why Are Only Palestinians "Martyrs"?

(Israel Hayom) Abdullah al-Hadlaq - The Arab media has become afflicted with stupidity and delusion and has lost its ability to make true distinctions. It considers the victims of battles in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, etc. "casualties," whereas the Palestinian terrorists killed in Gaza or the West Bank are dubbed "shahids" (martyrs). Thousands of Muslims are killed worldwide every day in wars and internal conflicts, but the defective Arab media does not refer to any one of the casualties by name or the title "shahid." Only when a Palestinian is killed, be it in battle or in a car accident or in a fight or when celebratory gunshots are fired at a wedding, does the Arab media applaud him with the name "shahid." The writer is a Kuwaiti journalist who writes for Al-Watan.

2015-12-31 00:00:00

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