The Price of Unjustifiable Murder

(Commentary) Jonathan S. Tobin - The Palestinians should understand that if they continue to practice indiscriminate terror, they may ultimately pay a price, even if mass murder is something their leaders tell them is not only justifiable but think is a smart tactic. In the last few months PA leader Mahmoud Abbas has fomented a new surge of violence with lies about mythical Israeli plots against the Temple Mount mosques. Then he has treated those Palestinians that attempt to murder random Jews as "martyrs" or victims of Jewish persecution and part of a "popular peaceful uprising." Though the Obama administration hasn't specifically condemned Abbas' incitement, as they should, they've grown tired of justifying him. Abbas may believe, as Arafat did, that more violence only generates greater interest in the Palestinian cause. But support for a terrorism double standard that exempts Palestinians from the consequences of their actions is not inexhaustible. With the world distracted from the myth of the centrality of the Palestinians by ISIS and the wars in Syria and Iraq, the Palestinians are on the verge of rendering themselves completely irrelevant. The Palestinians are watching their opportunity for peace and statehood dissolve in the gore of a stabbing intifada that is disabusing even their most ardent apologists. It is impossible to imagine anyone caring much about a national movement that cannot even pretend to distance itself from random slaughter.

2015-12-17 00:00:00

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