BDS: The Antithesis of Progressive Politics

(Israel Hayom) Philip Mendes and Nick Dyrenfurth - The BDS campaign is regressive and corrosive of civil society. To teach that Zionism - the Jewish people's aspiration for national self-determination in their historic homeland - is the first enemy of progress is the antithesis of progressive politics. Indeed, local BDS campaigns have led to numerous manifestations of outright anti-Semitism. Only those who are anti-BDS can lead the way toward a just and peaceful resolution of the conflict through a two-state plan that fosters dialogue and urges mutual compromise and concessions from both sides. This genuinely progressive view, based on support for Israel's existence, is increasingly being excluded from local and international debates. Associate Professor Philip Mendes and Dr. Nick Dyrenfurth of Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, are the co-authors of Boycotting Israel Is Wrong: The Progressive Path towards Peace between Palestinians and Israelis.

2015-06-26 00:00:00

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