Gaza War Report Distances Peace

(Ha'aretz) Ari Shavit - The UN report on the 2014 Israel-Gaza conflict is distorted and distorting, and should outrage every decent person. That is because the document has a serious flaw - it has no context. It doesn't give proper weight to the fact that in 1993 Israel opened its heart to peace, put its confidence in Yasser Arafat and enabled him to set up a semi-independent entity. It doesn't give proper weight to the fact that in 2005 Israel destroyed 24 communities and uprooted 8,000 people from their homes so that the Palestinians would have (for the first time in history) an autonomous region of their own. It doesn't give proper weight to the fact that all these Israeli gestures - intended to advance peace - resulted not in the appearance of a peaceful, humane Palestine, but in the creation of a totalitarian, violent Hamastan that oppresses Palestinians and attacks Israelis. Time after time, Israelis tried to do the right thing, but when the right thing went up in flames, nobody remembered what they did and nobody gave them credit for it. Now, every thinking Palestinian will tell himself that it's better not to negotiate with Israel, but to grasp it with the iron vise of terror and loss of legitimacy. Now, every intelligent Hizbullah man will tell himself that the international community is shearing Israel's tresses and turning it into a vulnerable entity, on which thousands of rockets can be showered from densely populated areas. If, heaven forbid, blood is spilled here again in the near future, the blind knights of political correctness will be the ones responsible.

2015-06-26 00:00:00

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