ISIS Brainwashes, Trains New Generation of Militants

(USA Today) Ammar Al Shamary and Gilgamesh Nabeel - Some 600 children younger than age 13 are patrolling the streets of Mosul for Islamic State. Videos released after Islamic State captured Mosul last summer showed adult trainers beating black-garbed children with sticks and forcing the young would-be fighters to break concrete blocks over their heads during martial-arts training. Later, the children were shown shooting rifles in the air, climbing dusty hills and learning how to detain a prisoner. Other videos have shown teenagers blowing themselves up at a Shiite mosque in Baghdad and driving explosive-packed vehicles into a government security checkpoint in Tikrit. Riyadh Mohammed, an Iraqi journalist, pointed out that fighters younger than 18 comprised most of the IS reinforcements sent to Kobani.

2015-03-13 00:00:00

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