Questions Raised about Support of Arab Allies Against ISIS

(Boston Globe) Bryan Bender - As air operations by the military coalition attacking the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria enter their fourth month, the vast majority of bombing runs are being conducted by U.S. forces, with the majority of the others performed by Western allies. According to U.S. Air Force Central Command, 86% of the 8,007 missions flown between Aug. 8 and Nov. 3 were carried out by the U.S. "This mission made sense if we are supporting regional actors willing to police extremism in their own region," said Senator Tim Kaine (D-Va.), a member of the Foreign Relations Committee who recently visited the coalition's joint air operations in Qatar. "It makes no sense if the regional actors are not willing to stand up to it and we are being called on to do what regional actors should do."

2014-11-11 00:00:00

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