Obama to UN: Arab-Israeli Conflict Is Not the Main Source of Problems in the Middle East

(White House) President Obama told the UN General Assembly on Wednesday: "America will not give up on the pursuit of peace. Understand, the situation in Iraq and Syria and Libya should cure anybody of the illusion that the Arab-Israeli conflict is the main source of problems in the region. For far too long, that's been used as an excuse to distract people from problems at home. The violence engulfing the region today has made too many Israelis ready to abandon the hard work of peace. And that's something worthy of reflection within Israel." "Because let's be clear: The status quo in the West Bank and Gaza is not sustainable. We cannot afford to turn away from this effort - not when rockets are fired at innocent Israelis, or the lives of so many Palestinian children are taken from us in Gaza. So long as I am President, we will stand up for the principle that Israelis, Palestinians, the region and the world will be more just and more safe with two states living side by side, in peace and security."

2014-09-29 00:00:00

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