Despite Arab League Backing for Abbas' Diplomatic Initiative, Palestinians Understand War on Islamic State Comes First

(Ha'aretz) Jack Khoury - The Palestinians know very well that the Palestinian issue is not at the forefront of the interests of the Arab nations at this stage - especially its neighbors such as Jordan and Lebanon, as well as Egypt and Saudi Arabia. The main challenge that threatens these countries is the radical Islam of the Islamic State. The strengthening of the IS has the leaders of the Arab world worried. They see countries such as Libya, Iraq, Syria and Yemen collapsing like a house of cards. Arab leaders, especially the pro-Western ones, will take all the steps they can to keep IS fighters far from their own borders. In Ramallah and Gaza, the leaders have realized that priorities of Arab nations have shifted. Abbas' diplomatic initiative will now have to wait; the war against the Islamic State comes first.

2014-09-09 00:00:00

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