The International Media's Hypocrisy

(Ynet News) Yossi Levy - In the summer of 1999 more than 2,000 civilians were killed by NATO air forces which bombed cities and villages in the former Yugoslavia. Unintentionally, hospitals, schools, libraries, and even a train over a bridge were bombed, even though Serbia had not launched a single missile towards any NATO capital city. The media in the countries involved in the military operation did not start their daily broadcasting with updates on the number of civilian dead; they did not even send camera crews. It is the same today with regard to the women and children killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, who have been killed in massive numbers over the past decade, the tragic victims of Western air forces bombing terrorist targets in both countries. Nobody bothers to count how many innocents have been victims of Western pilots in the last decade. Western media know full well that in war, innocent people do unfortunately die. But when it comes to the war between Israel and Hamas, the tragic victims dominate practically every news outlet. Meanwhile, innocents are dying in Syria, Iraq, Nigeria, Libya, and Kenya, usually on a vaster scale than in Gaza, but the media is uninterested in those people. Israel didn't kill them, so the world doesn't care. The writer is the Israeli ambassador to Serbia and Montenegro.

2014-08-15 00:00:00

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