Israel and China, a Win-Win Relationship

(Ynet News) Amos Nadai - The Chinese leadership looks first of all inward. The regime's primary challenge is preserving the economic growth rate, and its foreign policy moves are directed at that goal. China's interest is in securing markets and access to energy and other natural resources. Among the Chinese leadership and public there is a broad base of sympathy towards Israel. Chinese society is unfamiliar with anti-Semitism and believes in the Jewish genius, seeing Israel's economic and scientific achievements as objects of admiration. As a person who was in touch with policy-makers in the U.S., I can say for certain that economic cooperation with China will not jeopardize our relations with the U.S. After all, the U.S. itself is tied to China in a thick web of financial, economic and industrial cooperation. The writer served as Israel's ambassador to China from 2007 to 2012 and as director-general for Asia and the Pacific at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

2014-05-05 00:00:00

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