The Teaching of Contempt Returns

(Times of Israel) David Brog - Most Christians eventually reacted to the Holocaust with responsibility and remorse. They recognized that centuries of negative Christian teachings about Jews and Judaism likely helped predispose Europe towards Hitler's racial anti-Semitism. In 1987, the Presbyterians repudiated negative teachings about Jews, writing: "It is agonizing to discover that the church's teaching of contempt [for the Jews] was a major ingredient that made possible the monstrous policy of annihilation of Jews by Nazi Germany." Sadly, the Presbyterians are now emerging as the first major Christian denomination to resume the teaching of contempt in the form of Zionism Unsettled, a wicked book produced by the Israel-Palestine Mission Network of the Presbyterian Church (USA). The book is critical of Israel's very existence. It slanders Israel, Israelis and all who support them in their struggle for survival. It is a passion play about bloodthirsty Jews driven by their supremacist Judaism to devour innocent gentile victims. The Presbyterian Church should rush to repudiate this libel. The writer is executive director of Christians United For Israel (CUFI).

2014-03-31 00:00:00

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