Will the Iran Endgame Dismantle Core Nuclear Weapon Components?

(BICOM) Michael Herzog - The deal implicitly legitimizes Iran as a member of the community of nations, and may allow it a freer hand to continue other negative activities in the region beyond the nuclear program, including supporting Assad in Syria, and backing Hizbullah's terrorist activities. There seems to be no agreement among the P5+1 when it comes to the endgame. The guidelines in the deal regarding the endgame are not very promising because they implicitly recognize the Iranian right to enrich and that sanctions will be fully lifted, but do not clearly address the concerns of Israel and many others in the region: Will the agreement really take Iran significantly back from the capacity to breakout to nuclear weapons through the dismantlement of core components in its program? Israel is now fixing its sights on the end of the six months and will start a dialogue with the U.S. on the desired endgame. A very likely scenario is that there will be no deal and talks will continue beyond the six months. Facing a strung out process will put Israel in a dilemma of deciding if and when to intervene. Brig.-Gen. (res.) Michael Herzog served as head of the Strategic Planning Division of the IDF and worked with four ministers of defense as senior military aide and advisor, and chief of staff.

2013-11-27 00:00:00

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