Hizbullah Preparing for Next War with Israel

[AFP/Daily Star-Lebanon] Michel Moutot - "Immediately after last summer's war Hizbullah began refortifying its positions and working on new ones," said Judith Palmer Harik, author of the book Hizbullah: The Changing Face of Terrorism. "They are rearming....In fact, there has been no interruption in their receiving of more arms," she said. A Western military observer in Beirut said, "Hizbullah has far stronger positions in the rear, north of the Litani river, that no one knows about and that they are fortifying all the time." Even in the border zone, patrolled by blue-helmeted international peacekeepers and the Lebanese Army, Hizbullah is busy preparing for the next round of hostilities. The militants are so accepted by villagers in the area that no outsider gets to know what is really going on there.

2007-06-28 01:00:00

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