The Dismantling of Resolution 1701

[Daily Star-Lebanon] Michael Young - The deadly attack on Sunday against soldiers of the Spanish contingent of UNIFIL was expected. Among the UN troops, it was the Spaniards who had the reputation for most forcefully implementing their mandate. The undermining of UN Security Council Resolution 1701 has, plainly, started. Hizbullah views UNIFIL and the Lebanese Army as grave obstacles to the pursuit of "resistance" in the South. For an organization that could not survive without armed struggle, that recently saw its Hamas comrades establish an autonomous territory alongside Israel in Gaza, now is the time to act, in collaboration with Iran and Syria, to again make South Lebanon a front line against Israel. The attack was also a warning to the UN not to contemplate sending observers along the Syrian-Lebanese border to prevent the supply of weapons to Hizbullah.

2007-06-28 01:00:00

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