With Iran, Talk But Verify

(Defense News) Editorial - Since a revolution swept Islamic fundamentalists to power in Tehran in 1979, Iran has sanctioned or plotted terror attacks that have killed Americans and Europeans alike, backed Shia proxies like Hamas, Hizbullah and other groups to exert influence in Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq, backed the Alawite regime in Syria, threatens its neighbors and calls for the destruction of Israel. Worse, it has been methodically developing a nuclear capability and the long-range missiles to deliver it. Dialogue is critical, but sanctions and the threat of force must remain options until Tehran takes concrete and verifiable steps to end its nuclear weapons program. Even without nuclear weapons, Iran remains a threat. Changing its antagonistic strategic tune will require savvy diplomacy, many carrots and sanctions backed by the credible threat of hard power.

2013-10-18 00:00:00

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