Iran's Shiite Strategy in Kuwait and Palestinian Territories

[Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs - Hebrew] Jonathan Dehoah Halevy - Iran continues its policies of undermining Sunni nations in the Middle East. In recent months Sunni Muslim leaders have warned of Iranian proselytizing, including the use of financial payments to converts. Al Watan al Araby disclosed Iran's infiltration into Kuwait to strengthen its covert presence, increase the Shiite population in the country, and organize politically in order to destabilize Kuwait all in the name of democracy. Iran is pushing Kuwait's Shiite politicians to demand that the country's 30 percent Shiite population receive full civil rights. These politicians, according to the report, met secretly in Lebanon at Iran's instructions with senior officials in Hizbullah in order to learn from them how to organize strikes and demonstrations against the central authority. The plan is part of a larger strategy to paralyze Kuwait politically and open the door for greater Iranian involvement in the kingdom. Jordanian newspapers report that a Supreme Shiite Council in Palestine was established a year ago by Muhammad Roanama. A Gaza-based website, Umma al Zahra, is encouraging the Palestinian public to adopt Shiism.

2007-08-28 01:00:00

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