Decision to Delay Strike against Syria Sends Dangerous Message

(Ynet News) Ron Ben-Yishai - President Obama blinked. This sends an encouraging message to cruel, unrestrained regimes that possess or don't possess weapons of mass destruction. The American president's delay is a message. In the case of Iran, which is developing nuclear weapons and is preparing to achieve nuclear "breakout" capability, such a delay could be fatal from Israel's standpoint. On the other hand, according to leaks published in the American press, the U.S. will attack the facilities of Syria's military industry, which produces M-600 missiles for Syria and Hizbullah, as well as a host of other weapons. Should Congress approve an attack, President Obama will not be as limited as he is now with regards to the scope of the attack and the damage it will cause.

2013-09-02 00:00:00

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