Saddam's "Psychiatrist" at the CIA

(Guardian - UK) Julian Borger - Dr. Jerrold Post, 68, is a former high-ranking CIA official who spent 21 years assessing the inner workings of America's enemies - a shrink among spooks. Post believes Saddam will never give up his chemical and biological weapons or his nuclear program, and will lash out with everything he has in his arsenal if he feels cornered, setting fire to the Iraqi oilfields - as he did in Kuwait 11 years ago - and launching toxins and germs at invading U.S.-British forces, and at Israel. Post has delved deeply into Saddam's background, which includes the story that Saddam's mother, Subha, both tried to commit suicide and to have an abortion but was prevented from killing herself and her unborn child by a compassionate family of Iraqi Jews.

2002-11-15 00:00:00

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