U.S. Can Count on England

(Chicago Sun-Times) John O'Sullivan - Left-wing members of Blair's own Cabinet have signaled that they might resign if Britain joins in attacking Iraq - and about half the Labor MPs in the House of Commons have signed a parliamentary motion opposing it. Most newspapers and television news programs report the signs of a U.S. military build-up in the Middle East in a disapproving tone. Several polls suggest that about 30 percent of the British public would support the war while as many as 50 percent would oppose it. Let me express my firm opinion that Britain will join in an attack to liberate Iraq and that British public opinion will overwhelmingly support the decision. Both the government and the main opposition party, the Tories, will support the decision - thus giving Blair a clear parliamentary majority for the war. What President Bush needs to do to win support for the action against Iraq is to say a very hearty ''thank you'' for what Britain has done so far in the Afghan campaign.

2002-08-15 00:00:00

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