Give Full Support to EU's Ban on Hizbullah

(Independent-Ireland) Eamon Delaney - Irish Defense Minister Alan Shatter believes there is no "difference between the armed and political wings of Hizbullah." On a recent visit to Lebanon, he made a specific comparison with Northern Ireland, where there were "two different wings" of the Republican movement in Sinn Fein and IRA. Surely the pertinent point here is that we only dealt with Sinn Fein in a serious way precisely because its other wing, the IRA, had stopped violence and appeared to be on the way to decommissioning its weapons. Hizbullah has done no such thing. Far from it. Clearly we should have stood with our European allies, and the bigger EU states, in banning this evangelical terror outfit and stop this pussy-footing around with the idea that they are a legitimate "'liberation movement" ready to sit down with its enemies. Hizbullah is also a total proxy for Iran.

2013-07-26 00:00:00

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