IDF Commander Lost Eye in War, Ready for Another

(Ynet News) Yoav Zitun - Lt.-Col. Barak Hiram, commander of Battalion 51 in the Golani Brigade, suffered head injuries in combat with Hizbullah fighters during the 2006 war, but the injury did not deter him, then a commander in the Egoz Reconnaissance Unit, who insisted on returning to the front the moment his wounds healed. In the battle, Hiram led a force in a charge against Hizbullah fighters who had opened fire on his troops while they were evacuating soldiers hurt in a previous engagement. Hiram stayed in the same spot the whole night after the opposing force was vanquished despite his heavy injury, so as not to expose his soldiers. Few in the brigade know Hiram lost an eye in that battle. Last week he led hundreds of men in a wide-scale, four-day battalion drill starting in the Lower Galilee and continuing to the Golan Heights. Lt. Col. Hiram politely refused to discuss his injury, and preferred to focus on his troops.

2013-06-21 00:00:00

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